Heated Hoses (Sprayfoam)

Heated Hoses for Sprayfoam & Polyurea


PURCRAFT Heated Hoses and Heated Whip Hoses are compatible and interchangeable with the equipment of the leading manufacturers like GRACO®, GUSMER®, PMC, GAMA®, Boss and others.
However, PURCRAFT Heated Hoses are superior to competitors’ products for the following reasons:

  • We are using a high-tech insulation, which is made of a special high-density thermal felt covered with PVC. This insulation is super slim and flexible and extremely robust. This makes your hose set up to 30% slimmer and a lot more robust as a competitor’s hose.
  • We are using up to 20% higher wattage. This means our hoses heat up much quicker.
  • We are using three ultra-flexible multi-stranded heating wires, which are evenly wrapped around the hose. This keeps our hoses lightweight and flexible while providing most efficient heating without creating “hotspots” when the hose is being bent.
  • All our hoses come ready to spray including your choice of double-coated and shielded FTS sensor cable (Thermocouple or RTD) and including heavy duty scuff jacket – there’s no need to spend more money in order to get your hoses ready to spray and no need to duct-tape your complete hose.

The hoses are available in uninterrupted lengths of 15m/50’ and 30m/100’. Upon request, we can also make hoses up to 90m/300’ in one piece.



  • Available in uninterrupted lengths of up to 90m (300’)
  • Available in pressure ratings of 140bar (2,000psi) and 240bar (3,500psi)
  • High-Tech thermal insulation
  • Sensor cable included (thermocouple or RTD)
  • Heavy duty scuff jacket
  • Custom label available upon request

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